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There are a lot of herbal drugs you can find especially on the online market. But, since the Internet market is a highly volatile place with a great risk for counterfeits, Supplements DB aims to help consumers select the herbal remedies which are safe to use and consume by posting reviews produced by our research team and based on customer experiences.

Our goal here at Supplements DB is to help you find herbal supplements which are safe and effective and also affordably priced. The reviews presented on our platform are transparent and unbiased, as we are not related to any of the products we are reviewing, as well as the online stores they are from. Apart from the supplement reviews and store reviews, we also give you information on the latest deals and trends on online/Internet shopping for meds, and also some tips and tricks you can use to maximize your online shopping experience and not waste both time and money on products which do not work or stores which may just rip you off.

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