LibiPower Plus: Truth about Natural Libido Enhancer the Manufacturer Tried to Hide

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  • Brand: Libipower Plus
  • Hidden Active Ingredient: Tadalafil
  • Ingredients: Unknown
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Haloteco
  • Country of Manufacture: USA

LibiPower is claiming the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence with an all-natural ingredient mixture. However, the product has been found adulterated in the testing of US FDA. LibiPower Plus cannot be considered an all-natural formulation dietary supplement, as it does not meet the requirements of this category. The product has been confirmed containing a prescription chemical compound Tadalafil. Tadalafil is a potent inhibitor of PDE Type 5 enzyme in the body and an active ingredient of the US FDA approved prescription drug. The chemical compound needs to be used very carefully as an abuse of it may lead to some serious adverse effects. The manufacturer has been found guilty for adding this hidden chemical compound, and not listing this on the label of the product.

The product is manufactured by Haloteco in the United States of America. The hidden chemical compound acts by inhibiting the PDE type 5 enzyme in the body; this inhibition results in the increased blood flow to the penis. A rich blood flow to the penile region directly means an erection. The manufacturer cannot be considered reliable as the company has been found indulged in illegal activities.

Customer Reviews

We were not able to locate any customer reviews for the product in our online research. The authentic reviews from the users of the product are of great value as they shed light upon the profile and performance of the substance. We firmly discourage the use of Libipower Plus as it poses grave risks to the health of the consumer.

Libipower Plus Review
Libipower Plus FDA Notification

We have located a notification of the US FDA regarding the Libipower Plus it says “[Posted 07/14/2009] Haloteco and FDA notified healthcare professionals and consumers of a nationwide voluntary recall of Libipower Plus. Lab analysis of Libipower Plus samples were found to contain undeclared Tadalalafil, an active ingredient of FDA approved drugs for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Tadalalafil may interact with nitrates found in some prescription drugs such as nitroglycerin, and may lower blood pressure to dangerous levels.” The notification mentioned the name of the product as it has been confirmed containing a chemical compound Tadalafil. The product has been recalled from the market as considered unsafe for usage. Libipower Plus contains Tadalafil which may interact with nitrates in the body and lower the blood pressure to a dangerous level. Consumers using the medication of diabetes should firmly avoid Libipower Plus. The US FDA has been advising consumers to stop using the product as some side effects like flushing and headaches are related to Tadalafil. Adding hidden ingredients to a dietary supplement is an illegal activity, the manufacturer has ruined its reputation and cannot be considered trustworthy. We recommend avoiding this and other products of the manufacturer. However, the product is very limitedly available but if someone still has the product, should stop using it immediately.

Pricing and Dosage

We were not able to locate any online store offering this product for sale. Therefore, we do not have any information regarding the price, formulation, and strength of the product. The dosage regimen of the product is also unavailable. The reason behind this unavailability of the product could be the ban of the US FDA following the recall of the product by the manufacturer. Even though the product is not available online, the consumers still have the possession of the Libipower Plus should not use it.

How to Buy LibiPower Plus Online

We were not able to locate any online platform selling Libipower Plus. The reason for the unavailability of the product can be the ban from the US FDA. The product has been declared unsafe for the human usage.

How to Use

We were not able to find any information related to dosage regimen of the Libipower Plus. The customers still have the possession of this product should immediately stop using this product as it has been found adulterated. Following the ban from the US FDA the manufacturer has recalled the product from the market as it is liable to cause some serious adverb effects. We firmly discourage the use of the Libipower Plus as poses serious health risks.

Side Effects

The product is liable to cause some grave side effects as it is having an unmentioned amount of Tadalafil in it. Tadalafil can cause side effects like chest pains, mild to severe headaches, prolonged painful erections nasal congestion, rashes, and abnormal blood pressure. Tadalafil can also interact with nitrates which lead to the lowering of blood pressure to dangerous levels. Libipower Plus is considered unsafe for medicinal use by US FDA as poses a grave risk to the health.

Conclusion with Rating

Haloteco had been falsely claiming Libipower Plus as an all-natural dietary supplement. The product is manufactured by Haloteco in the United States of America. The product claimed the treatment of the erectile dysfunction or impotence with some proprietary natural herbal formulae. However, no reviews confirmed these claims of the manufacturer. And Haloteco itself does not seem to disagreeing with the findings of the US FDA. The product is liable to cause serious side effects as found containing a hidden chemical compound. The US FDA confirmed the presence of the Tadalafil in the product in a notification released in the public interest. Tadalafil present in the product is a potent chemical inhibitor of certain enzymes in the body. The presence of the Tadalafil has not been mentioned by the manufacturer anywhere on the label of the product. However, Libipower Plus has been marketed as an all-natural dietary supplement.

Haloteco based in the United States has been found guilty for adding undeclared chemical compounds in the product. The manufacture cannot be considered reliable and trustworthy and has been forced to recall the product from the consumer levels. Libipower Plus can be rated one or even zero as it is not safe to use, and has been found adulterated. A consultation with a physician is highly recommended, and we also recommend avoiding this product for any medicinal use.

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