Stimuloid II Goliath Labs Recall: Powerful Medication in Disguise!

  • Brand: Stimuloid II
  • Hidden Active Ingredient: Sulfoaildenafil
  • Ingredients: Vegetable Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose, FD&C Red #40.
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Nutraloid Labs
  • Country of Manufacture: United States

Stimuloid II is a herbal drug which was described by its manufacturer, Nutraloid Labs, as a dietary supplement. Stimuloid II is claimed to be used as a treatment for men’s sexual problems. The manufacturer has promoted the drug to be effective as a sexual stimulant, providing powerful erections, and increasing stamina. The available information shows that Stimuloid was composed of the following ingredients: Vegetable Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose, FD&C Red #40. Although there was no documented information about Stimuloid’s mode of action, the manufacturer has claimed that exerts its action by increasing the blood flow to the extremities, enhancing sexual stamina, providing harder and longer lasting erections, and support testosterone naturally. But also we still don’t know how it works because we did not find even a single scientific fact confirms or explains that. We have found that the US Food and Drug Administration has issued a notification to warn people from using Stimuloid II as a treatment. The drug analysis by FDA laboratories has proved the manufacturer to be a liar because the drug contains undeclared chemical ingredient named Sulfoaildenafil which was proved by FDA as a sexual enhancer. And this can be serious for most users. As a result, the US FDA has ordered the manufacturer to recall the drug from the market.

Customer Reviews

While conducting our research, we have been able to find this customer review on seller’s page. But we also have found the FDA alerts that warn people from using this drug because it was proved to be counterfeited. So if you are seeking a natural treatment for your sexual problems don’t ever take this one into consideration because it’s fake.

Stimuloid II Feedback
Stimuloid II Feedback

The user here has described the drug by “well working”. He was very satisfied and recommending the product. He also said that he was taking the drug on a daily basis and because it was very effective his girlfriend has asked him if he has taken the blue pill as he said “When taken as directed on bottle I found this product to work well. My GF keeps asking if I have taking the blue pills. I did not notice it took about a week (took daily at 1st) before it really kicked in nicely. At 50 I am hitting the stuff like an 25 years old!” Surely, he wasn’t informed that he is already taken the blue pills because this drug has been proved to contain Sulfoaildenafil among its components without declaration.

Stimuloid II Undeclared Ingredient Notification
Stimuloid II Undeclared Ingredient Notification

We have found this notification from US FDA which warning people from using Stimuloid II because it contains undeclared ingredients. FDA has stated that Stimuloid II can harm consumers especially consumers with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease because they often take nitrates that is likely interact with the drug due to the added Sulfoaildenafil.

Stimuloid II Recall
Stimuloid II Recall
Stimuloid II Warning from FDA
Stimuloid II Warning from FDA

This manufacturer is untrustworthy and not reliable he has two counterfeited drugs which have been recalled from the markets by FDA. We urge you to take these warnings into your consideration and to avoid this brand as the notification said “Customers who have any of the above products in their possession should stop using them immediately and contact their physician if they have experienced any problems that may be related to taking these products”

Pricing and Dosage

Stimuloid II was manufactured in the form of oral capsules. The price of 60 capsules package of Stimuloid II is $34.97.

Stimuloid II Cost
Stimuloid II Cost

According to the manufacturer, the recommended dose of Stimuloid II is 2 capsules to be taken orally on a daily basis only 2 hours before sexual stimulation. The information provided by the manufacturer is misleading and can harm users. Because the user should take this drug only when needed as it contains Sulfoaildenafil.

How to Buy Stimuloid II Online

Although the US Food and Drug Administration has recalled this drug from the market, it is still available for sale online without a prescription.

How to Use

Stimuloid II was classified by its manufacturer as a treatment for erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. It was also described as a dietary supplement and the manufacturer was instructing the user to take 2 capsules daily approximately 2 hours before sexual intercourse. Stimuloid was described by FDA as an adulterated product which is not suitable for use by anyone. That is why we don’t recommend this brand for use. Stay away from this to stay healthy.

Side Effects

Stimuloid II was proved to be counterfeited by adding Sulfoaildenafil which is an analogue of Sildenafil. The added Sulfoaildenafil can cause some side effects that are mild to moderate in severity. These side effects are like; headaches, dizziness, nausea, gastritis, loose bowel, and vision changes. Severe decrease in blood pressure is one of the fatal side effects that might exist especially for those who are taking nitrates.

Conclusion with Rating

Stimuloid II is the product from Nutarloid Labs based in the United States. Stimuloid II is used in the treatment of male sexual problems like decreased stamina and erectile dysfunction. The manufacturer claimed that Stimuloid II is safe and effective natural product. Also, Stimuloid was claimed to be composed of the following ingredients: Vegetable Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose, FD&C Red #40. We have found a customer review which was supporting this drug as an effective natural alternative for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. But we think that it is useless here because we are facing an adulterated drug. This user has been tricked like many other consumers who were thinking that Stimuloid II is natural. The US FDA analysis has shown that the drug has undeclared Sulfoaildenafil among its components. This can harm a lot of people who are using nitrates for example or those who are suffering from some conditions like heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Decreasing the blood pressure to fatal levels is one of the serious side effects that might harm users’ lives. Overall, we urge you to follow the FDA warnings and to avoid this drug. Finally, we cannot rate this drug with more than 1 out of 5 because of being counterfeited and the poor reputation of its manufacturer.

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