Terms and Conditions

Supplements DB contains research-based information for the use of herbal supplements. Here are the terms and conditions for Supplements DB use:

  • We at Supplements DB are allowing you to have access (limited, non-transferrable, and non-exclusive) to view and use the information on our website.
  • All the information provided on Supplements DB should be used solely for personal consumption and not for any commercial purpose.
  • Supplements DB does not provide medical counseling. We recommend you to consult your doctors for any form of medical advice.
  • Supplements DB does not sell the products under review and is also not connected with the stores mentioned on the website.
  • The contents of Supplements DB shall not be used for our defamation or for the destruction of our integrity or for any circumstance to our disadvantage.
  • Supplements DB is not responsible for the consequences of the links we provide.
  • Supplements DB has the right to terminate user/consumer access at any given time.
  • Supplements DB has the right to change information whenever necessary and without having to explain/update the consumers.

Liability Disclaimer

Supplements DB shall not be liable for the possible damages the interpretation of its content may bring. Supplements DB cannot guarantee the absolute correctness, quality, accuracy, and integrity of any of the contents found on the site although the sources are credible and that the contents are the product of sound research. Supplements DB shall not be liable for the mistakes, omissions, and other faults found on the reviews and the content of the website. The use of Supplements DB is only limited to personal information consumption. Supplements DB shall also not be liable for the comments, descriptions, opinions, and all the content found on the reviews on the website.

Privacy Statement

No third-party entities of any sort shall have access to user contact details like the email provided by the consumers on the website.


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