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    ProLatis Review: Withdrawn Sex Enhancer’s Original Formula Contains Illegal Ingredient

    ProLatis, a product of GNC Inc., was used as an erection enhancer. Basically it was intended to increase sexual stamina and provide firmer or harder erections. The supplementary product claimed to give long lasting effects. The herbal formula was made to assist in increasing blood flow to male genital organs, aiming to achieve this through a natural process. The product was recalled by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after they found sulfoaildenafil in its contents.


    Virillty Power Now Review: Natural Male Enhancer Is Banned For Strong Dosage of Medication

    The question whether Virillty Power Now is an effective herbal dietary supplement has been intensely discussed, coming to different conclusions that were majority not favorable for this product. Virillty Power Now is described as a self-proclaimed dietary supplement that can help men enlarge penis in just a few weeks, giving them the chance to obtain visible results without using any penis exercises or undergoing risky surgeries. But just like other fraud male enhancement supplements, Virillty Power Now is composed not only of all-natural traditional herbs, as well as a high quantity of amino acids but also a lethal chemical Hydroxyl- homosildenafil, which makes it completely unsafe and unreliable for every man who wants to purchase it. Apparently, the manufacturer of Virillty Power Now is the part of the very popular International Pharmaceuticals, Ltd, a company having a bad reputation with FDA, meaning that the chances of encountering any side-effects or adverse reactions are majorly high and mostly probable. FDA gave a clear warning to ban the selling and marketing of the drug due to the presence of the hidden ingredient proving an intelligent analysis that medicine is rigged and is not safe as Hydroxyl- homosildenafil can cause various pathological problems along with disturbance of normal physiological pattern of the body.

  • Volcano Energy Pill Review: Illicit Force Factor Male Enhancement Workout Pills with Side Effects

    Volcano Male Sexual Enhancer has been falsely labelled as a dietary supplement. The product is intended for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. The benefits of the product have been claimed due to the blend of some natural ingredients. However, the testing of the US FDA has revealed an opposite picture of the claims. The product cannot be added to the group of natural dietary supplement as it has been found adulterated with chemical compounds. The testing of various samples of the US FDA discovered that Volcano capsules contain prescription chemical compound Dapoxetine and an unapproved chemical compound Desmethyl Carbodenafil. Both of these compounds found in the testing of the product have not been enlisted on the label of Volcano. The hidden ingredients added by the manufacturer disqualifies it from the group of the dietary supplement. Desmethyl Carbodenafil belongs to a group called PDE inhibitors; these inhibits certain chemicals in the body which result in an increased blood circulation to the penile region and thus facilitates an erection. Dapoxetine is an unapproved chemical compound belongs the category of drugs called Anti-Depressants. The Volcano company has recalled the various product from the market including Volcano Male Enhancement.